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You create. We Execute.


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Agency: Publicis

Production: In Case Of Fire

Director: Jasper Zwartjes

Travel Counselors

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Agency: Thinking Juice

Production: Velvet

Director: Andrew Saunders


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Agency: Alfred

Director: Ismael ten Heuvel


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Agency: BBDO Istanbul

Production: Mac Gyver

Director: MiniVegas


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Type: Reality Show

TV Network: BNN

Episodes: 8

Hollands Next Top Model

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Client: Endemol

TV Network: RTL4

Episodes: 3

Brat Camp

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Client: Endemol

TV Network: RTL4

Episodes: 3

Wildebeesten Reality

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Client: Endemol

TV Network: RTL4

Episodes: 3

SA Tourism

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Client: SA Tourism

Type: International Stills Campaign

Photographer: Marc Lanning

Johnson & Johnson

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Agency: TBWA / CHIAT / DAY Los Angeles

Type: Magazine Spread

Photographer: Tyler Gourley

Adam Magazine

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Agency: Mc Gregor / Adam

Type: Magazine Spread

Photographer: Paul Berends


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Agency: Hunkemöller

Type: Beachwear Shoot

Photographer: Jan Francis

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is everything

You create. We Execute.

Follow The Sun

When the Northern hemisphere is dark and grey you have to shoot on the other side of the world to get sunshine for your Film, TV or Stills project. Shooting abroad means you’ll have to take something of a back seat.

Unless you’ve shot across the world many times before, this will take you out of your comfort zone. As if that isn’t enough, you’ll have to keep your client happy, while scrambling to become an expert about shooting in a foreign country.

On top of all that you have other people competing with you. In the back of your mind you know that once you win the race and get awarded the job, you’ll be held responsible for the budget - even though it will be someone else spending the money.

Cape Town
is Calling

If you reading this, then we can guess that you are probably a producer. We’re producers too. We know that your clients hired you, and that it’s your unique vision that they’re paying for. It’s you that needs to be in control.

We discovered the magic of Cape Town the same way that you are: we were looking for the sun in the middle of Europe’s winter, and we found it.

Incredible locations, an international grade film infrastructure, and a European vibe – all at the tip of Africa. It’s probably the least culture shock you could hope to get – from a Western point of view. And almost unbelievably, because of geo arbitrage and the current exchange rate, it's actually often more favourable to film in Cape Town than at home.

You Create.
We execute.

Kaap Film Production - headed by veteran Dutch film, television and stills producer Jeroen Vuyk and Financial black belt Mirella Lemmers - was born out of love for South Africa’s stunning and varied landscapes.

Kaap Film has successfully brought the sunshine of Southern Africa to the Northern Hemisphere for over a decade. We have a deep knowledge of Southern Africa’s filming locations. We have strong connections with local industry expertise.

We’ve got the logistics covered. You bring the ideas.

Production Services

Production Services

Kaap Film Production is a professional, high-end, and well established production service company based in Cape Town, South Africa. We facilitate shoots all around Southern Africa and the Indian Ocean islands.

Some projects are about the bottom line. With others, the focus is on quality. Most of the time though, it’s got to be both. We know how to best move the money to the screen. We never compromise on safety.

If you’re in a race yourself, then we can help you to win your bid. If you feel that your project resonates with our style, then get into touch with us. We will work closely with you to create a tailored, custom-made proposal for your project. You can expect careful and individual attention.

Magic happens
On Set

From the summit of Table Mountain, to the beautiful Indian Ocean islands that surround Southern Africa; Kaap Film can seamlessly facilitate your film, television or stills production project.

We plan every aspect of our work meticulously, so that you can feel as calm as you could realistically expect to be when crunch time comes. Magic only happens when everything is perfectly in place on set. We create our own luck, and we’re happy to share.

We are well established and active members of the CPA, which is the equivalent of the APA in the UK, and the AICP in the USA. We are also a long standing member of SAASP, with Jeroen serving on the executive committee for several years.

Cross Border

We’re also available for cross-border consultancy work worldwide. If you’ve got an interesting and challenging project that falls outside of Southern Africa’s territory, then we can act as consultants to help you find your perfect location, and assist you with contracting a line producer.

We put great emphasis on working with great people, because we believe that a good atmosphere on the set makes for better creative results.

If you’re looking to tap into the substantial production incentives offered by the South African and Mauritian governments, then we’re your ideal co-production partners. We’ll guide you through the various application processes, and we’ve established ties with awesome people who have proven time and again to deliver excellent results and very pleasant to work with.

Beautifully Ordinary

South Africa and its surrounds offer an amazing diversity of filming locations. From spectacular beaches and luxurious villas, to the most beautifully ordinary scenes of modern life: Frisian cows on green a pasture, a cosy family kitchen opening onto backyard garden - with or without laundry on a line blowing in the breeze – or people hustling and bustling in a busy city street.

With the Indian Ocean islands at our fingertips, we have access to white sand and warm turquoise seawater, as well as dense jungle areas, epic waterfalls, and dramatic sheer cliffs. We love nothing more than finding the perfect locations for you.

Cape Town

Cape Town

This city is alive: it’s a bustling cosmopolitan hub of creativity, nestled inside of diverse nature and scenery. Cape Town is known for its abundance of stunning, exciting, and awe-inspiring locations.

Yet at the same time it’s home to wonderfully quaint, laid-back, and beautifully ordinary locations: countryside, green pastures, suburbs. It’s the perfect background in which to frame normal, everyday life in modern society.

If you’re looking for a wide variety of locations, within an exceptionally small radius of excellent film infrastructure and expertise, then Cape Town is your perfect match.

Indian Ocean

From a production standpoint Mauritius is the most favourable Indian Ocean island to shoot. Mauritius’s film infrastructure integrates perfectly with our South African resources. We’re so well set up there that it feels like our back yard. Like South Africa, Mauritius offers very attractive production incentives, and we can make the paperwork go smoothly for you.

The Seychelles has been voted to have the best beaches at least once by all the major travel guides time after time. With its unique round granite rock formations and those palm trees that curve and bend towards the ocean, Seychelles is the most idyllic beach filming location. It is a more adventurous filming destination, as there is only a very small existing film infrastructure. That’s where we come in.






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